Creative Wedding Photography

"I felt beautiful when Emily was taking my wedding photos" Jess, Bride

Telling A Story

Most importantly, I always strive to tell a story with my images. I want to capture the authentic “moments between the moments".

I aim to shoot fresh, romantic images with a warm, natural, whimsical feel. My fine-art photography education has trained me to craft beautiful images through the lens using composition and lighting.

A Natural Feel

I work with a calm and discreet approach to photograph thevery best moments throughout the day. I shoot predominantly spontaneous, authentic moments, with ahandful of staged shots and portraits thrown into the mix.

There is a sliding scale stylistically from “documentary”photographers who shoot from afar and have no input intothe situation, though to “fine art” photographers, who stageevery shot with precision. I place myself happily in themiddle of these two, providing you with guidance on your posing, but still providing images with a fun and natural feel.

Shots for Nan's Mantlepiece

For most of the day I am a subtle shooter, quietly workingaway on the sidelines, but am also confident taking the lead for important moments such as shooting the formal group photographs. We will discuss and plan these beforehand.

We will get the shots for "Nan's Mantlepiece", meaning the classic group shots that your family will want to frame and treasure forever.

It's All About the People

I am a "people person" and will be a calm, cheerful presenceon the day. I love to have a laugh and chat with your guests to help them to feel comfortable in front of the camera.

I amalways respectful of sensitive moments during the day. I try tocapture true emotion, including laughter, tears, and everything in between to reflect the true atmosphere of your day.

The Couple Portraits

This special part of the day is when myself and you guys, the happy couple, head off for a stroll around the venue for some newlywed portraits.

We will leave your guests to catch up and mingle for a short time while we capture your first day of marriage with some soulful and intimate photographs.

Painting with Light

I am always lead by natural light and compliment this with occasional use of flash. I am always conscious to keep flashphotography to a minimum and only use it when appropriate.

When flash is required, I am confident and comfortable working to create shots in indoor or evening settings.

The Cull

I will likely shoot around 3,000 images on your special day, sothe editing process is very important to me. At this stage I willcarefully curate the very best moments from your day toprovide you with around 500 images. The editing process always puts a big grin on my face as I look back over your special day!

Printed Products

Working closely with one of the top printing and framing labs in the UK, I am able to offer outstanding albums and wall-art to you, my fantastic clients. We can discuss these products after the wedding - planning your albums and wall-art is a great way to counteract the post-honeymoon blues!

"Emily managed to capture little moments throughout the day and create photos our family will treasure forever" Sophie, Bridesmaid & Sister of the Groom


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